Apply for a Twinning Project Grant

Club Foundations wishing to provide Twinning Project Provision can apply for financial support.

Club Delivery Requirements

In this regard, the Club undertakes:

1. To provide unless agreed in advance the FA accredited Level 1 Sports Leadership and Level 1 coaching qualification.
2. Ensure the Club Staff are appropriately trained to perform the services and observe prison rules and expectations when visiting the Prison, particularly regarding the need to help maintain the safe, decent and secure operation of the Prison.
3. Provide appropriate publicity material for distribution within the Prison regarding the services and work with the Prison to promote the Project.
4. Ensure cohort are provided with the official Twinning Project kit for use while on the course.
5. Agree collaboratively with the prison and the Twinning Project a suitable cohort of 16.
6. Funding is undertaken on a matched funding basis. Club foundations will have to agree to provide the prescribed services to the prisoners at the prison which is local to the club.

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