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Reducing Reoffending & Saving Lives

What is The Twinning Project?

The Twinning Project is a partnership between HM Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS) and professional football clubs with the objective of twinning every prison in England and Wales with a local professional football club.

The aim is to engage approximately 48 prisoners per year in each of the 117 prisons in England and Wales in football-based programmes to improve their mental and physical health, wellbeing and obtain a qualification which will help improve their life chances and gain employment on release.

What we know

1. Statistically offending peaks at 24 years of age and drops off at 40 years of age.
2. Those in stable domestic and social relationships are less likely to reoffend.
3. Employment and opportunity are the primary drivers of purpose and value. This has a massive impact on their propensity to reoffend.

How it's done

Professional coaches and football club staff, supported by prison PE officers co-deliver accredited coaching and employability based qualifications to prisoners to better prepare them for life after their release.

The Need to Act


of those in custody unemployed at the time of imprisonment


of prisoners were regular truant prior to sentencing


of male sentenced prisoners were excluded from school


of female prisoners have no qualifications prior to custody


of male prisoners have no qualifications prior to custody


do not have paid employment  on release

Aims of the Twinning Project


Engage with rehabilitation services on offer in custody. Secure and facilitate robust relationships between football clubs and prisons.


Offer routes to employment on release. Up-skill and educate whilst in custody to ensure employability and opportunity.


Reduce reoffending and save lives.


Actual financial cost of crime to tax payer per annum


Men, woman and young people in custody in England and Wales


Adult men will reoffend within one year of release


Juveniles will reoffend with one year of release

Local Focus to support post release engagement


A Local Club and Prison relationship is optimal


Prisons and clubs to consider geographic proximity so as to consider post release engagement


Delivery that supports and protects local community


Delivery that dovetails with other local community initiatives and through the gate support


Clubs do not cannibalise from other clubs unless no provision is being undertaken


The Football Club Foundation to act as primary through the gate support to guarantee engagement

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